ATKH programs emphasize horsemanship yet also teach essential life skills to participants. Referred to us by local professionals, vulnerable youth attend specific activities free of charge. This is possible through the generosity of people like you.

Numerous local school districts, churches, private counselors, county and independent agencies, and other child advocates have referred youth and families to ATKH programs.

Youth Day Camps

2-3 days long

Camps Include: PreTeen Day Camp, Teen Girls Day Camp, Teen Boys Day Camp, and Summer Day Camp. There is a fee to attend Summer Day Camp.


1 day to connect and/or serve in a group setting

Leg-Up Sessions

Pair 1 horse & child with 1 mentor for 80 minute sessions

Teen Intern Program

Fall and Spring semesters. Prerequisites required.

See Upcoming Events or contact us for dates and more information